VSMA-608C-10R: An 8-port amplifier with Active Return technology. It more than doubles your incoming signal strength, and at the same time splits the signal eight ways. The VSMA-608C-10R provides you with the means to connect up to 8 devices (TVs/VCRs/Cable Boxes/Cable Modems) without having to use any splitters. The Viewsonics VSMA-608c-10R makes it possible to boost the signal AND split it at the same time, while providing ZERO Return Path Loss for your high-speed broadband equipment. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Easy to install, hook up power with cable IN and cable OUT with coax cable (not included). Includes Power Supply.


Power Cable: You will need a coax cable to connect the Power Supply To the Amplifier. This is not included in the package as the distance from where the amp is mounted to the wall outlet will vary by installation. We stock pre-made sizes or We cut coaxial cables to length! We also install quality coax cable compression connectors by Thomas & Betts. Compression connectors are environmentally sealed to protect coax cable connectors from harsh environments. (Purchase Here)

  75 Ohm Terminators: Terminators are used on open amplifier ports, or any outlet in your home where there is no TV connected. Terminators eliminate signal loss and prevent ghosts and noise in the cable picture due to open connections. (Purchase Here)
  Coaxial Lightning Surge Protector: Protects Virtually All Home Electronics From Even The Smallest Surges. (Purchase Here)
  OPTIONAL ACCESSORY - Demarcation Enclosure: A Coax Demarcation Enclosure provides a secure compartment for terminating coax, and mounting any combination of splitters and/or ground blocks. They can be used indoors or outside, however please note if the amplifier is installed outside a Demarcation Enclosure will be necessary to protect it from the elements. Failure to do so will result in a void of the manufacturers warranty. (Purchase Here)
  OPTIONAL ACCESSORY - EDA-ICF (Power Inserter): Power Inserters are used when there is no power outlet close to the amplifier mounting location. Power inserters allow the power to be supplied to the cable amplifier by using one of your existing TV or cable box connections. (Purchase Here)


$85.00 USD

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